Website Design & Development in Jackson MS

Web Design in Jackson MS

Since 2009, our team at Agora Company has offered web design & development services to companies throughout the greater Jackson, MS area. Over the years, we have assisted different companies in providing reliable web design and development services at an affordable price. Whether you are a new company in need of a completely new website or you would like us to redesign your company’s outdated website, we would be happy to provide you with the web design and development services that you need.

The Importance of Effective Web Design

Do your competitors have a wider client base even though they provide a lesser service? If so, you might want to consider changing your digital marketing strategies and online presence with effective web design services. At Agora Company, we have years of experience in helping our customers identify the changes that need to be made as well as the best ways to go about doing so. We will be happy to support you with creating a strong brand design which will help you increase customer loyalty, generate revenue and give your business a boost in your community. Since 2009, our team at Agora has been providing satisfied clients from a range of different industries with reliable web design and development services.

In order to provide effective services, Agora web design professionals prioritize communicating with your company to fully comprehend what your business is about, what you need and what are some of your short to medium-term goals. In this way, we are able to tailor our approach to your expectations.

Different Types of Website Design & Development

In recent years, online traffic has drastically changed. Unlike previously, when websites were often designed to be desktop-based, mobile traffic has increased demand for websites customized to mobile phone formats. At Agora Company, we make sure to provide quality web design services that allow customers across different platforms to easily access your website’s content.

Two of the worst things that can happen to your website is a slow website loading time or content that does not appear clearly or correctly. This type of programming and website design can make a considerable impact on your brand awareness, limit access to important information and make your website look less appealing to customers. At Agora, we are happy to provide responsive, mobile-friendly website which will make your website look beautiful.

Are you interested in finding ways to make your website more efficient? If you are interested in finding out about the different web design tools at your disposal, we would be happy to assist you in creating a more beautiful and appealing business website. A beautiful, more effective website will help you provide information about the goods or services that you offer, and make it possible for customers to get in touch with your store or business representatives. At Agora Company, we are more than happy to provide a free consultation and discuss some of the ways we can help you attain your business goals. Contact us today at 601-366-7370!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between custom design and templates?
The main difference between a custom design and using a template is that a custom design is going to be unique to your business and tailored to your business needs. A template is a pre-designed site that allows you to quickly get your content and images online but with little to no customization.

2. What platforms do you work on?
We work exclusively on the open source WordPress platform. WordPress is a flexible PHP-based content management platform that gives a business complete control and flexibility on the design and functionality to meet any business or organizations needs.

3. Why should I pay for a professional designer or developer?
We recommend working with a professional to assure you able to get the website and marketing strategies you need to set your business apart and meet your business goals.

4. How long will it take for my website to be designed?
Our typical custom web project timeline is between 8 – 12 weeks as there are many moving parts to completing a new website or redesign. Some projects can be shorter depending on the scope of the project and the extent of the content and design. Some Ecommerce and multi-platform site can take a little longer.

5. I already have a website and it needs updating. Do you redesign existing websites?
Yes, we have done many redesigns for our clients and this can be a good option for you. We recommend you reach out to set up a free, no-obligation consultation to see what your options are and let us give you our recommendations.



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