Web Design & Development

What is your problem?

Need more customers?

Not Mobile-friendly?

Frustrated with your website?

Not ranking on Google?

Overwhelmed by Internet Marketing?

Can’t make updates?


A foundational landing page site to establish your company’s brand.

This fundamental site provides branding, a market presence and an overview for your company that reaches your target market. Elements may include basic graphics, pertinent front page content, social media links and key end-user interface. Foundations are for building on. This one proficiently introduces your company to the marketplace.


A fully developed business brochure site with extensive graphics, navigations and features.

A wide-ranging business site with bells and whistles that may include an extensive number of pages with forms, expansive content, photos and/or images galleries, calendars, Google maps & contact pages. This site is your business mission fully sown with a dynamic user experience. These sites are custom with extensive graphics & content, developed through our 4-phase process to best market your Complete Business.



The next level of expanding your web capabilities.

Premium sites utilize specialized bolt-on capabilities, interfaces or software systems above and beyond Business Complete sites. Platforms may include E-Commerce, membership admin, interaction form build-outs or other needed capabilities that far extend you business capacity and revenue sourcing on the web. Mobile platforms and apps for today’s market may ensure that you reach your target market. These industry and company specific site options transform your web presence and elevate your market impact.

Also: my site isn’t mobile friendly; we aren’t ranking well on Google searches; my competition looks better; my site is easy to update;


Let us help you make it just that. Web development can range from the simplest static page to the most complex site using web-based internet applications, e-commerce provisions, and/or social network services. At Agora Company, we have developed a proven, successful multi-step plan to create dynamic, effective and affordable websites. We build sites for our clients that fit THEIR needs, not just what an agency says they need!