The marketing assets that you need to reach
your target market effectively

Your company has a great product or service.  You have needs, though, whether your business is brand new, growing, has a stale brand, or your message is just not quite right.   Our creative team can form or improve the look and feel of your company. From logos to print and digital media, Agora Company will help you ultimately define your business, its brand and its success.


The main goal of your company’s logo is to represent YOU! It needs to be easy to understand and a great, long standing impression
in the minds of the public in both digital and print media outlets. Agora Company’s creative team will encompass specific graphic elements designed to convey the brand for your company. Our design professionals will take your ideas and vision and turn
them into options that consider all they ways you might use your logo. Then we work with you toward completion of your new brand identity!


Once your logo is created, Agora Company will create Corporate Collateral Materials for your business. These items can include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage and more. We walk the process through from start to finish so you can stay focused on your business. In addition to regular corporate business papers, Agora can design additional collateral pieces such as brochures, flyers, booklets, or other identifiers.  Your company needs may demand additional specialized pieces or branding items, which can be developed under your direction.


A few key components of your brand include web domains, social media accounts, corporate email accounts and more. As part of your Branding Package, Agora Company works with you to choose the most fitting names for each destination and then sets them all up for you! While you are always the owner and registrar for all your accounts, it takes a huge load off of you to have professionals set up these accounts the right way the first time. Let us do the work for YOU!