Search Engine Optimization Services in Jackson MS

SEO Services in Jackson MS

Are you looking for a way to boost your web traffic by improving your search engine visibility? Wondering who is going to find your website on the second or third page of the search results? If so, Agora Company SEO services are an excellent option and will help you ensure that your website always shows up on the first page of the search results.

But how exactly does SEO work and how reliable is it?

Search engine optimization is not exactly a science but an experienced SEO professional will have knowledge of some of the most optimal techniques for pushing a company’s website up in the search engine rankings. In other words, different search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo and Bing) rank websites according to different criteria. Knowing what these criteria are helping our team of professionals determine the best possible strategy for pushing your website up so that it shows up on the first page of the search results, and the higher your company’s rank — the better. The higher you are ranked, the more search traffic you’ll have, increasing the exposure of your business and its success. However, unlike some companies that increase traffic but do not attract relevant visitors, our team at Agora makes sure to increase your targeted visitors rather than the overall traffic to your website. Targeted visitors are visitors that are searching for the exact goods or services that you are offering. At Agora Company, our SEO team has years of experience and training in best-practice SEO solutions. We take pride in helping hundreds of satisfied customers increase their traffic as well as their social media presence on a range of different platforms.

The Importance and Effectiveness of SEO Services

So what makes for an effective SEO campaign? In our experience, the type of SEO techniques that you employ will be a major factor in determining whether you are running an effective campaign or not. In particular, we usually modify the keywords and content, and sometimes even the coding on your existing website, in order to achieve a much better SEO effect. This is a combination of factors that we tailor to every client’s specific situation. In sum, our team at Agora is well-versed in different SEO techniques, allowing you to focus on what you do best: your business.

Who is SEO for?

Whether you are a firmly established business with decades of experience in your industry, or a start-up blogger with little-to-no experience, we believe SEO is an excellent option. Increasing your online traffic is highly important at all stages of your company’s existence. Higher levels of traffic will help your business grow faster in its early stages, and a more mature company would benefit from increased traffic because of its exposure to a larger, more diverse audience. If you are interested in finding out how SEO could benefit your business, feel free to contact Agora Company for more information.

Do DIY Search Engine Optimization Services Work?

You might have heard stories about companies that have tried their luck at SEO on their own. In our experience, however, companies that do so, by and large, tend to fail. This generally happens because all major search engines do algorithm updates that have an impact on website rankings. Most DIY SEO does not take this into account, dealing the website that is being optimized with a deathly blow. Companies that specialize in SEO, however, keep themselves updated on the most recent algorithm updates (which are sometimes implemented as often as once a month). If you are interested in doing professional and efficient SEO work on your website, we recommend hiring someone with experience and training in this field — like our team at Agora Company. At Agora, we are committed to providing the best and most effective services to our clients, making sure that we understand the rules that major search engines set every step of the way.

If you are interested in finding out more about ways that you can use SEO to benefit your website’s search engine ranking and increase its traffic, feel free to contact our team at Agora Company for more information. We are happy to offer a free consultation to all of our new customers, so do not hesitate to contact us today at 601-366-7370!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click methods?
The main difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) is that website visitors (traffic) coming from SEO is free while traffic generated from Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is not free (as the name implies you have to pay a cost per click).

This is also the reason why you may sometimes see the terms organic search engine listings and paid search engine listings or Paid Search Advertising.

Both SEO and PPC are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is one of the tools you can use as part of your overall Internet Marketing campaign

2. Will my website always stay on the top ranking once you have optimized it?
Search Engine Optimization is a dynamic, always changing process and one cannot expect to maintain its top position 100% of the time. However, there are strategies to maintain your rankings among the top and we don’t recommend you stop optimizing or creating content once you get the rankings you want. There are always competitors trying to take your spot and changes that the search engines implement, making SEO an ongoing investment as a marketing channel. Since it depends on 100’s of website and search engine factors and also on your competitor’s website, any genuine SEO company will never say that you will always be at the top for your industry keywords.

3. Do I need to sign any contract with your company?
Our contracts run 30 days at a time and we have many clients who have been with us for years on a month to month basis.

4. What makes Agora Company better than the other guys?
At Agora Company, we value our relationships with our clients and their success is what motivates us as an agency. With that in mind, we never take the shortcut to short-term results that could potentially harm your business in the long run. Many companies who “guarantee” first page rankings and claim to have a special relationship with Google do just that.

5. How long does it take to get results?
Our recommendation is that you plan to invest in an SEO campaign at least 3-6 months to see significant results. As some industries are more competitive than others it is impossible to give a reasonable expectation for everyone. Additionally, new websites or businesses will take more time than older, more established companies.



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