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Sandifer Orthodontics

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Sandifer Orthodontics was born from a partnership and acquisition with long standing Jackson orthodontist, Dr. Louis Guy.  With a well-established practice, Dr. Sandifer looked to Agora Co for a new fitting brand and marketing strategy to grow the practice.  Our creative work sought a balance between Dr. Sandifer’s impressive professionalism and her caring spirit for her patients.  Once the brand was established, our marketing services dove into her social media, advertising strategies, and creative elements along with a website design project and now online marketing services.

Agora Co provides its Healthcare Marketing Services to Sandifer Orthodontics with a focus on acquiring new patients.  Her brand is far better established and her marketing is streamlined and largely online-focused with social media and search marketing.  Dr. Sandifer’s successful practice continues to expand with Agora Co strategies fused into her target markets across multiple digital and traditional marketing platforms.

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Dr. Camille Sandifer

Owner, Sandifer Orthodontics

“As a business owner and doctor, there are many hats to be worn. I am so thankful that I was able to have Agora Company join my team in helping us brand my orthodontic practice, establish a social media presence, and design a website that communicates what our business represents. We have recently added on the SEO component, and it appears to already have a positive impact in driving patients to my practice. I am truly grateful to have them on my team.”
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