J. Olive Co.


Over many years Agora Co has provided J.Olive Co. with perhaps our most expansive array of services. Originally, their branding package provided their logo and brand standards along with domain and social media setups. The J.Olive Co. brand then began to expand via their first website by Agora Co, which we later expanded into a complete E-commerce website.

Agora Co has provided many design and collateral projects along with advertising, print and media placements. Via social media, email marketing and SEO campaigns, the online presence of J.Olive Co. has grown exponentially. With the assistance of Agora Co, J.Olive Co. has expanded to three stores covering all areas of the state.  Through online search marketing and expanded social media marketing is growing engagement, sales and market reach. Our partnership with the J.Olive Co. family has a bright future.

Manda James

Co-Owner, J.Olive Co.

“J. Olive Co. has had a partnership with Agora Company since the idea of opening our first store. Agora Company has helped us brand our product, establish our social media campaigns, promote our business, build our e-commerce website and improve our SEO. We are thankful for their guidance and the partnership that we have formed as we have grown to three stores and e-commerce. Their knowledge in helping our business grow has been priceless!”

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