Highland Village Shopping Center

Corporate design · Logo design · Branding Materials

We provide a variety of services for the Highland Village shopping center. We have help manage and promote various events such as “JA at the Village,” develop print ads and signs for the holidays and other event and marketing campaigns.  Highland Village has needed an on-the-ground agency partner at several points, and Agora Co has been able to deliver.  Custom design projects, photography and custom retail space planning design are but a few of the unique projects in this partnership.  Agora Co has also been able to deliver on several campaigns with tight time frames involving multiple targets.

From an ad bug and design campaign with partner Mercedes of Jackson to a design revamp of the shopping center itself, Highland Village has let us show our creative and administrative expertise and capabilities.

 Masa Liles

General Manager, Highland Village

“As the General Manager at Highland Village, I wear several hats, including responsibility for all of the marketing – PR, advertising, tenant relations, community outreach, consumer engagement, and much more. I could not have done this part of my job successfully over the past year without Agora Company. They listened to my needs and helped form a strategy to market the property in a way that has increased the value of our business. They have been integral in connecting us to the community and communicating our story. This is what you want in a marketing partner, solid thinking and flawless execution. Agora Company has delivered for Highland Village and I hope you consider them to deliver for your business.”

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