Our Core Values…

Agora Company is a set of talented people and dynamic systems working daily to impact the world around our clients and ourselves through marketing. We operate around a core set of principles with faith at its foundation that directs our work and relationships. We want to share with you as our clients / potential clients / service partners / target audience the elements of those principles through a set of core values:


This is the backbone of our values. Agora Company’s reason for being, our WHY, is to use the talents we are blessed with to serve our client businesses, so that you can in turn serve your internal and external customers. We seek to display a PASSION for the work we do for you. It is important to be bought into each other’s goals and missions. Then we can serve others together while we also work to grow your profits and accomplishments.


Our work process is designed to make us part of, not just alongside. We do not want to be just a vendor. You hire us to overcome challenges and remedy your pain points, and we do those by listening, understanding, planning, executing and reporting. We jump hurdles together and celebrate successes with you. Your success is very directly ours as well.


A core part of our process is to communicate regularly and with TRANSPARENCY. We seek clarity of expectations (yours and ours), shared narratives and established timelines. We value telling the truth to our clients, including when an idea is not in your best interests.


There is nothing better in our work lives than having shared energy and joy with you. Proper planning and communication with you gives us running room for CREATIVITY. The flowing of creative juices brings dynamic ideas, which fuels mutual excitement, which can then be relayed to your markets to bring in more business. See, successful business can be fun!


It should be important to you, our partner, that there be accountability, measurability, deliverables and reporting for your marketing dollars. From brand design to ads, images, web, social, and other online marketing platforms, we seek to always be pointed toward your goals. We track our work, but at the end of the day, our goal is to show outcomes for you.


We are highly skilled at what we do for you. We’ve been building our PROCESS SYSTEMS since 2009, and this is the proprietary expertise that we really deliver. It is not simple plug-and-play, and it has real worth and impact in the industries that we serve. Nobody does marketing the way that we do, and we are constantly developing new and better methods. The VALUE of our systems is what ultimately benefits you and helps you to reach your greatest success.


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