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SOCIAL MEDIA: GetSocial Bank Marketing Program

Our experience with community banks makes us the right resource for managing your social media presence. GETSocial can help you grow your business exponentially by positioning your bank as a resource of informative and engaging content to an ever-growing list of highly active digital medium users. In strategic partnership with The Eversole Group, this program brings over 25 years of community bank marketing experience.

Have a social media presence and use it well to grow your bank.  Social media is what the name says – it is social.  Be an informative resource to the public about their personal and business financial matters.  Let potential customers know more about their banking product options for improving their lives and businesses.  Target those closest to your branches geographically and demographically.  Build an online, involved personality for your bank.  Gain important reviews.  It takes a lot of work but the returns are significant for your bank.  We can do all of that for you each month!
FFIEC Social Media: Consumer Risk Management Guidance



Your website is your window to the world. We design and manage sites that reflect your brand, financial products and business in look, usability and function.  We build dynamic, mobile responsive websites that engage your target market.  Website design & development is a combined science of UX (User Experience), UI (User Interface), dynamic design, content, function and much more.  Your new website will be totally customized using best practices with all of those essential considerations, in partnership with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads (PPC), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Digital Ads / Retargeting / GeoFencing and other search tools are very targeted and measurable campaign approaches, and they can be HIGHLY effective with good ROI.  They take a lot of work to improve business listings, maps, reviews, web content, targeting adjustment and more.  This process often starts with us providing an 18-20 page Web Presence Audit, customized to your website, competition, keywording and digital pain points that gives you and us a dashboard for the mass of work to be done while measuring results in monthly reports.  We are pros at getting local potential deposit and loan customers engaged with you through these online marketing tools.

IMPORTANT NEWS TO READ: Is your website ADA Compliant?

Marketing Healthcare Services - Website & Search Marketing


Boost your online presence and be highly searchable.  Your banking products online information needs to look and function capably, rank well in searches, and be easily engaged online.  If it doesn’t, your competition will have the edge.  Search Marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using online digital technologies.

Have the best brand look possible online and in advertising.
Branding is the expression of the essential truth or value of a bank and its customer service.  Everything that they see – logo, print collateral, social media pages, images, written content, website – make up your brand.  If your website is not modern, informative, mobile responsive, and user friendly, then potential patients will hesitate or go elsewhere.  One of our clients likened it to having an seriously outdated or dirty lobby area.  Your entire brand presence and website need to be top notch.  Our in-house staff handles those advertising services for you.


See what a few other clients are saying about us

“Agora has been a tremendous help to our bank and has done a wonderful job.  Their employees are very knowledgeable in every aspect of social media.  Agora has done a great job keeping us compliant, and goes beyond our expectations in regard to responsiveness!  Overall, we are very pleased with our relationship with the Agora Company and would recommend them to any bank.”

Brett Ballard

Senior VP, Southern Independent Bank

“We consider you & your team part of our team and trust you to be our advisors. Ya’ll make us feel like we are your only clients, and that you have our best interest at heart. I am confident moving forward that our best days are in front of us and I’m thankful to have the Agora team with us on our journey!”

Shannon Aker

President, Bank of Brookhaven

“We have been using Agora Company for a good while now. We have them managing all of our social media posts with very specific content. They are always right on target with up to date materials and ideas that have greatly enhanced our social media standings. I would highly recommend Chris, Jeff and the rest of the Agora team if you want to stay ahead of the rest!”

Rebecca Barrentine

VP/CIO, Copiah Bank

“I love using them for our social media! They give great advice, make all of our posts look professional, and have helped us succeed on social media.”

Kari Sangster

SVP, Citizens Community Bank



In June 2016, 3,092,273 of the 4,884,115 people in Alabama utilized the internet for Facebook (65% of the population!). (Source:

Solution: Be present on social media to be in front of your demographic targets.


In 2016, 62 percent of Americans cited digital banking as their primary method of banking, up from 51 percent in 2015. Gen Xers (70 percent) and Millennials (68 percent) are the most likely to primarily turn to mobile or online banking. (Bank of America Report 2016).

Solution: Every year more people are online for banking, so have a dynamic web presence.


Well over 50% of all community banks have antiquated websites (more than 4-5 years old).  Websites today must be searchable, mobile responsive and attractive to users. (Source: ICBA)  


Solution: Build a modern, mobile responsive, search friendly and ADA compliant website before your competition outruns you.


Financial marketers’ say their number one website search challenge is that they lack adequate resources to generate the quality content needed to improve their search engine rankings. ( 

Solution: Hire marketers that can improve your rankings with SEO and other tools.


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