Agora Company is a specialized, boutique marketing shop delivering big agency quality without the big agency pricing, fusing high-quality marketing tools into your business to grow your revenue.  We take pride in creating special partnerships with our clients and helping them grow their business.  Founded in 2009, Agora Co. helps relay businesses into the marketplace, and we’ve only improved over time. Healthcare and Community Bank marketing are specialty areas of our services.  We are a true marketing team of talented design, web, digital and client service individuals with the expertise needed to move your business along the pathway.
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Chris Bates

Chris Bates

President & Founder

Chris Bates is the President & Founder of Agora Company.  He and his wife, Stacy, have four children between them, currently live in Madison, and attend St. James Episcopal Church.  Chris serves in several volunteer leadership roles and board of director positions. Chris attended the University of Alabama, completing his B.A.in Psychology with a minor in Business at Belhaven University in 1994.  He worked as a nonprofit executive for 10 years.  Chris then transitioned into retail for nearly a decade, having owned Mean Mallard, a large outdoor sporting goods store.  In 2009, Chris decided to use his career experience to guide other business operators toward achieving their goals.  Chris and his staff are motivated daily by using their God given talents to market, improve, and grow businesses so that their clients can, in turn, serve and impact others.

Fun fact:

    • If I could be any animal in the world, there is no question – Julep, my black lab.  Be happy every day, go duck hunting, hang out in the backyard most of the day, ride shotgun in the truck on weekends, curl up in front of the fire and snooze, repeat.

Some of Chris’ columns: MS Christian Living Magazine and Connect Marina
Podcast interview – national audience – uGurus digital marketing agency show: Podcast – Find Success by Niching with Chris Bates

Katy Agnew

Katy Agnew

Project Manager

Katy Agnew graduated from Mississippi State with a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations. She started with Cooking Light in Birmingham before moving back to Jackson and working in sales with the Northside Sun. Along the way, she married her husband Cliff, had two daughters, Ann Trotter and Jane, and is in the process of remodeling their Canton home.

As the Project Manager at Agora, Katy enjoys putting her organization skills, OCD tendencies and general bossiness into action. In her free time, she chases children, runs a taxi service to birthday parties, enjoys wine, and volunteers her time and talents to her children’s school and activities.

Fun facts:

  • What’s the one thing everyone should know about you? I can do a really weird trick with my eyes… It’s creepy.
  • Three things I can’t live without are… Coffee, wine and Jesus (in no particular order)
Bertille Young

Bertille Young

Marketing Account Manager

Bertille Young is originally from Lyon, France and decided to move to the United States right after high-school. Bertille earned her Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Georgia College and her Master of Business Administration from Augusta State.

She is very passionate about Marketing and the use of social media to connect with your customers on a personal level. She also really enjoys promoting local businesses and helping them grow and support each other.

Fun facts:

      • Fill in the blank – I’m really good at…making cheese boards. (Yes it is a thing, I promise. Look it up on Pinterest)
      • What’s the first thing you think about in the morning? Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
Taylor Donald

Taylor Donald

Marketing Coordinator

Taylor Donald graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Marketing. After graduation Taylor worked in several different industries including retail, industrial equipment manufacturing and association management.

Taylor brings humor, personalization and creative ingenuity to everything he does. When Taylor is not working on client services and social media at Agora Co, Taylor enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and his dogs and watching television.

Fun facts:

      • I can name almost every SNL cast member or sketch since 2000…… Try me!
      • I’ve performed on the Grand Ole Opry Stage
      • Favorite Food – Sushi or Creole Cuisine!
Jeff Childress

Jeff Childress

Digital Services - Reztech Media

Jeff Childress graduated from ITT Tech with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.
Jeff enjoys learning and staying on top of the latest Digital Marketing trends. His Reztech Media is a strategic partner with Agora Company.

When Jeff is able to step away from the technology, he enjoys being outdoors and playing sports. He lives in Madison with his wife Maurijo and 3 kids, Ajalee (9), Zeke (7) and Kylee (3)

Fun fact:

    • What’s the one word that your co-workers would choose to describe you? Probably “health-nut” since I never say yes to a popsicle run.
Anna Rooker

Anna Rooker

Graphic Designer

Anna Douglas Rooker is a recent graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in communications with an emphasis in public relations and minor in Interior Design. When she is not working on graphic design at Agora Co, Anna enjoys spending time with her friends, family and new miniature dachshund Oliver.

Fun facts:

      • What do you think is the greatest invention ever made? An air conditioner because living in the south would be rough without one
      • If you could eat at one last place before you die, where would it be? Olive Garden or a great Chinese buffet


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